production equipment, facilities and equipment for the electronics

Equipments production and electronic equipments

MGR ELECTRO’s central  service is the production of equipments of the industrial electronic field.  Due to our constant connections wit  the world of electronic manufacturing, we developed a particular sensitivity to a wide and articulated range of services in that field.
More specifically,  we can give an experienced support  based on experience of consumer goods for electronics (tin alloys,peel cream, pastes, electronic laboratory tools).  Furthermore we can supply all types of  soldering baths (steel, titanium) and in addition a qualified consulting  service for electronic card soldering systems, either during  start-up phases or to exploit the system already existing at the highest performance level.

Production and sale of equipments for the processing of wires

Over these years we have developed and tested systems for the automatic processing of wires such as cable reels (UNROAL), cutting and stripping machines (TSC) and wire stackers (HTX), cooperating with our associate. Furthermore we always have in our store many second-hand machines such as mini-applications, crimping machines, cutting-stripping-crumping machines and cable reels.