Who we are

Providing electronic services since 1999


MGR ELECTRO was founded in 1999 by a team/group of collaborators with extensive experience in the fields of automation, soldering and electrical assembly. Over the years, production has become more oriented towards the creation of products and innovative systems for electronic soldering paying close attention to efficiency, flexibility and low cost. Our continuing aim is to satisfy the multiplicity of needs in the modern electronic industry. Over the course of time, MGR ELECTRO has become more and more dynamic, enterprising, and individualized in meeting the clients’ requests. Today we represent one of the most active providers of small/medium firms working in the electronic manufacturing field.

With the passage of the normative EU Registration RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) in July 2006 we have become an even more trusted point of reference for our clients. Now we are engaged in important relationships with commercial companies both in Europe and abroad. MGR ELECTRO is an Italian company and our production, CE certified, takes place in Italy using Italian equipment/materials.
Moreover twenty years of experience in the field of electric cables has brought us to develop and propose on the market systems and equipments which simplify the manufacturing process of wires.