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Cutting machine for large plastic and rubber pipes
CUT TUBE AIR is a cutting machine designed in order to cut to size different types of tubes in plastic, rubber, etc of a diameter from 5 to 50 mm.
The dragging on belts with different possibilities of changing the entry speed of the material, the possibility of spacing the two belts between them (giving more or less grip on the material), the useful cut opening of 100mm of width and 50mm of height with pneumatic movement, make CUTE TUBE AIR a simple and versatile machine for cutting different materials.
CUT TUBE AIR has the ability to save 99 programs with different parameters such as drag speed, start-up waiting time and cutting blades, pressure on materials.

Technical features

– POWER SUPPLY: 230 V 50/60 Hz
– POWER: 300 W
– SPEED: 10-60 pcs / minute (depending on the length)
– DIMENSIONS: 800 x 600 × 600 mm
– WEIGHT: 70 Kg

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