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The motorized unwinding system EASY UNROAL can automatically unroll cables stored in coils and reels up to 400mm in diameter and a maximum of 35kg.
A system of slotted pins allows to unwind skeins of different diameters, while cables or pipes stored on reels can be uncoiled using only the central shaft.
An adjustable knob allows to change the engine revolutions speed, while a switch reverses the direction of rotation.
A sensor placed at the base of the two metal columns, with inside them a sliding pin, allows the START / STOP of the engine once required the use of the material.

Technical features

– WEIGHT: 50 Kg
– DIMENSION: 400x400x950 mm
– VELOCITY: 2.500 mm to second (max.)
– POWER AND POWER: 230 V 50/60 Hz

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