The SP101 CUTTING MACHINE has been designed and built to satisfy process needs in a variety of sectors.
Its versatility, technical-functional features and performance make it a real innovation.
It can be used to cut a vast range of materials, for which the manufacturer is ready to carry out test cuts.
A microprocessor controls automatic machine operation and this makes it possible to resume the process cycle following a power cut or material failure, using the settings stored in the memory and without the need for a backup battery.
The keyboard is used to set and modify cutting times and motor speed, making it possible to optimise productivity and product quality.
The length can be set to between 0.1 and 9999cm (100 metres) and piece number to between 1 and 9999, or without limits by setting piece number to “0”.
The control panel can be ordered in Italian, English, French, German or Spanish.
The safety and accident prevention devices fitted to the machine comply with the legislation and standards in force. The SP101 Cutting Machine has the CE mark.
Achieving a precise cutting length depends also on how the material enters the machine. When a high-precision cut is required, we recommend using the machine in combination with our unwinding systems UNROAL and EASY UNROAL.

Technical features

– Funztion: Automatic, microprocessor-controlled operation
– Memorised: settings even when the machine is switched off
– Length setting: from 0.1 to 9999cm (100 metres)
– Piece number setting: from 1 to 9999, or unlimited
– Power: supply 220V 50-60Hz
– Pneumatic equipment: from 2 to 6 bar
– Air consumption: 0.32 litres/cut (4bar)
– Maximum feed rate: 1900 m/h
– Maximum productivity: when cutting 10 mm pieces – 12000 pieces/hour
– Guarantee: 12 month
– Weight: 18.5 kg
– Overall dimensions: 45x40x27cm (WxHxD)

Sp 101 standard

The STANDARD SP101 CUTTING MACHINE has a hardened steel blade with guillotine cut and a cutting aperture of 50x20mm.
Powerful cutting force makes it possible to process a vast range of materials, including:
– Single conductor cable from 0.1 to 25 mm2
– Multi-conductor cable up to 5×2.5mm2
– Flat cable in a variety of sizes
– Tubing, Vipla or heat-shrinking jackets and other materials or wires

For any of the above materials, the guide turret is easily adjusted at cutting input without having to change any machine parts, making the job quicker and easier.
The STANDARD BLADE KIT can be replaced with the WIDIA BLADE KIT at any time. Recommended condition when you have to cut silicon material with fiberglass, as this type of material causes premature wear of the blades, if no particular metals are used for their construction.

Sp 101 wide blade

The SP101 WIDE BLADE CUTTING MACHINE is equipped with a tempered steel blade, a guillotine cut and a cutting aperture of 85×20 mm. It therefore offers the possibility of cutting very wide flat material.

Sp 101 size tube

The SP101 TUBE CUTTING MACHINE is equipped with a steel blade and a V cut. This type of blade allows the cutting of rigid or semi-rigid tubes:
– Rilsan tubes
– PVC tubes
With a maximum diameter of 17 mm.

The drag rollers are properly shaped in order to increase the traction and improve the centring of the material under the blade.