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Coiling machine and binding machine
MGR ELECTRO has the ability to propose systems that facilitate the packaging in reels or coils of electrical wires and their binding. The different models of these equipment and their customization allows for coiling and binding of different types and dimensions of electrical cables.

EASY WINDER unwinders in the 3 models (S – M – L) are suitable for winding cables with different diameters and flexibility thanks to the different power of the winding motors they are equipped with.
The mobile pins, once locked in the desired positions on the central rotating disk through their slots, allow you to wind the cable in skeins of different diameters and sizes.

EASY TIE is a tying machine that allows you to bind together different types of material with plasticized wire, starting from a thickness of 5 mm to a maximum of 90 mm.
The 4 models are proposed to the end user according to the thickness of the materials to be tied:
EASY TIE mod. S = from 5 to 30 mm
EASY TIE mod. M = from 15 to 45 mm
EASY TIE mod. L = from 30 to 70 mm
EASY TIE mod. XL = from 40 to 90 mm

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