MGR ELECTRO created the Miniwave system for the electronic and electro mechanic industry to fill the needs of those clients who have to treat components, wires or pins with a tin alloy wave.
Miniwave is thus perfect for automatic machines for wires manufacturing, but also for soldering of electric connections, selective soldering and PTH rework components. Miniwave is space-saving and it can transform all automatic systems into a tin-line.
MGR ELECTRO can ensure standard productions of Miniwave machines and we can also supply the Miniwave with nozzles specifically adapted to particular size needs/specifications.
In all cases we can supply Miniwave on adjustable stands easy to fix on mechanic components with an inserted fluxer tank.
The soldering assembly has a useful fluxing kit and a control panel with power control on an easy removable trolley.
All Miniwaves are made entirely of titanium, thus supporting lead-free alloys, as per the EC Regulation 2002 following RoHS Legislation.

Product photos