TSC50 is a wire cutting and stripping machine for unipolar and multipolar cables of big dimensions.
The machine is equipped with a series of thread guides that are easily interchangeable and which allow you to manage and work (cut to lenght, unsheathe or strip) unipolar cables up to 70mm2 of section and multipolar cables up to 18mm in outer diameter. The TSC50 software allows you to cut and strip unipolar cables on both sides, while on multipolar cables you can remove the external insulation (with big removal lengths) and strip the internal conductors.

Technical features

– Volt: 230V/50Hz (1P + N)
– Power: 1000W
– Weight: 85 Kg
– Dimensions: 420mm x 515mm x 345mm
– Display: Schermo LCD Liquid Crystal Display
– Cutting lenght: 0,1m ÷ 100m
– Cutting tolerance: ≤ 0.002xL ( L= cutting lenght)
– Cable stripping: Head 0 ÷ 150mm, Tale 0 ÷ 150mm – Unlimited with multisection method
– Cable section: 2.5 ÷ 70 mm2 unipolar
– Maximum inside diameter of wire guides: 18mm
– Middle stripping: 13
– Material of blades: Steel
– Stripping speed: 2.000 ÷ 5.000 pcs/h L=100mm
– Connection to the pneumatic network: PVC pipe 8mm

Product photos