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In the design and industrialization of modern electronic boards there is an increasing tendency to miniaturize them, therefore the EMS companies could be expected to find small size PCB to be processed. This is not the case because the exact opposite is occurring: the electronic circuit boards are produced at multiple with related scoring lines in order to reduce the working frequencies.

During the step of wave soldering all this involves serious problems of bending and warping that undermine the flatness of the PCB, which can cause flooding of molten tin in the top part of the printed circuit board or even just modify the levels of interference between the tin wave and the circuit, resulting a non-compliant welding.
MGR ELECTRO has solved this problem by creating a support longitudinal to the direction of flow of the solder frames, adjustable and perfectly adaptable to ALL SOLDER FRAMES of solder wave machines, whatever the shape of the frames and the type of mounted fingers. The support does not require holes, threads or other mechanical action in order to be fixed and it is suitable for any frame width and PCB. The universal supports MGR ELECTRO can be sold individually or in the required quantities with different discounts depending on the quantity ordered.

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