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TSC INSIDE L is a cutting and stripping machine that allows the external stripping of the insulation and the stripping of the internal conductors on multipolar cables (of two or more poles) by means of their previous flattening before coming into contact with the flat part of the machine blades.

TSC INSIDE L can process flat or round multipolar cables and can carry out long stripping on the external insulation.

Technical features

– Power supply voltage: 230V / 50Hz (1P + N)

- Total nominal power: 680W

- Breaking capacity: 6 KA

- Voltage control circuit: 24Vdc

- Class of protection against indirect contact: I

- Degree of solids and liquids declared protection: IP20
– Weight: 65 kg
– Dimensions: 570x560x420 mm
– Display: LCD screen Liquid Crystal Display
– Cutting length: 0,1 mm ÷ 99.999,99 mm
– Cutting tolerance: ≤ 0.002xL (L = length of cut)
– Stripping Cable: Head 0 ÷ 250mm , Tail 0 ÷ 90 mm
– Maximum internal diameter of the thread guides: 9mm
– Blade Material: High quality Tungsten

- Pieces produced per hour: 2.000 ÷ 8.000 pcs / h

- Degree of mobility: Transportable Equipment

- Connection to the mains supply: Connector jack panel

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