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SOLDERWAVE from MGR Electro is a soldering/desoldering station which is an invaluable tool in modern electronics manufacture, repair or refurbishment.
The purpose of SOLDERWAVE is to create a wave of molten solder which, through the help of nozzles with dedicated geometries, contacts limited areas of the printed circuit board for the purposes of soldering, or desoldering, selective areas. SOLDERWAVE facilitates the removal, re-seating or replacement of large connectors with a single heating operation in a safe and convenient manner saving value time compared to attempting such operations with a soldering/desoldering iron.

Nozzles are designed to be easily interchanged and can be positioned in any combination of X, Y or Z axis underneath the PCB with the aid of the PCB carrier.
Control of solder wave height, alloy temperature and cycle time allow SOLDERWAVE to solder/desolder any PTH component.
Users can select from a wide range of standard nozzles, or for specific components, It’s possible to provide custom designed nozzles by indicating dimensions A and B as shown in picture. We suggest to allow at least 2 mm greater than the length and width of the actual component.
Made with a titanium solder pot, SOLDERWAVE is suitable for use with leaded, lead-free or LMPA-Q alloys.
For any further information about SOLDERWAVE or to request a demonstration please contact MGR Electro or your local sales representative.

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