MOTOROAL is a motorized unwinding system composed of a base on which the electric cable reels are housed vertically and a shaft connected to an electric motor placed under the support base of the reels, which allows the unwinding of the electric cables through a rotating arm in a simple and safe way (the reel doesn’t rotate).
A system of metal tubes allows to change the distances between the supports of the various pulleys in order to guarantee the unwinding of wires with different sizes and insulations stored in reels from 600 to 1200 mm in diameter.
A sensor automatically reads the different position of the pulley (once the cable is called by the machine) and communicates the variation of the unwinding speed of the cable to the shaft connected to the rotating arm.
The working area (movable rotating shaft) is protected with anti-intrusion barriers (against accidental contact) connected to a microswitch that prevents operation if these are not in the correct position.

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